For release: September 13, 2017

2017 is RedPeak’s eighth year and what a great year it’s been so far.

We are fortunate to have continued to work with some fantastic clients and on some exciting cases and mergers. A few highlights include:

  1. LIBOR. Cristian Santesteban was retained by Kirby McInerney as the consulting expert in a class action¬†case against the LIBOR panel banks for manipulation of this key benchmark rate. Cristian and his team worked alongside Michigan’s Ross School of Business Professor Nejat Neyhun. RedPeak developed econometric analyses to estimate but-for LIBOR rates as well as the extent of interest rate manipulation. More generally, Cristian assisted the Kirby attorneys in deciphering Defendants’ experts models and in providing valuable feedback in many other aspects of the case as well.
  1. Business Analytics. RedPeak continued to work with its business (non-litigation) clients in providing essential quantitative analysis and research to support their business operations and to grow their profits. For more information on how RedPeak can help your business grow through intelligent analysis of data and customized research, please contact us./li>
  1. Merger. RedPeak developed econometric and quantitative analyses in support of’s acquisition of iControl. Many of RedPeak’s analyses were presented to the FTC, who ultimately approved the merger.
  1. NCAA Article. Cristian Santesteban and Keith Leffler published an article in The Antitrust Bulletin entitled “Assessing the Efficiency Implication of the NCAA Player Compensation Restrictions.”

The RedPeak team has continued to expand its relationships:

  • RedPeak partnered with OnPoint Analytics in late 2016 and shared staff resources on cases. This collaboration is ongoing and may grow deeper in the future.
  • RedPeak continued to grow its consulting relationship with Professor Frank Wolak at Stanford. Frank has provided essential modeling advice to RedPeak on a number of cases. This partnership has given RedPeak access to one of the best econometrics minds anywhere.
  • Charlene Ramos (Yale) joined the RedPeak staff as a senior analyst. She has been a welcome addition to the team.
  • Charles Hodgson (Stanford ABD) continued consulting for RedPeak this year and was active on the LIBOR case.

And the rest of 2017 is shaping up to be a great ending to the year:

  • Cristian Santesteban and Keith Leffler will publish a chapter on the LCD cartel in Kwoka and White’s 7th edition of their famous book: The Antitrust Revolution. Cristian uses that book in his antitrust policy class at Stanford.
  • RedPeak is actively searching for another full time junior analyst to add depth to the full-time staff.
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