For release: January 20, 2016

A new year has begun and there’s no better time to reflect on the road traveled and the path ahead. It is hard to believe but 2016 marks the seventh year since the formation of RedPeak Economics Consulting!

Looking back over these years, we have been fortunate to have been retained on many exciting cases and to have collaborated with great colleagues and clients. Some highlights of the last couple of years include:

  1. Intel California. Cristian Santesteban was retained by Kirby McInerney as the testifying expert in a class action case involving Intel’s allegedly exclusionary practices in the market for microprocessors. Cristian and his team created impact and damages regression models and submitted an expert report and a reply declaration. Cristian was also deposed a total of three full days. The class certification hearing took place in January 2016. RedPeak worked particularly closely with Bob Gralewski and looks forward to collaborating with him and Kirby again.
  1. Flat Glass. RedPeak along with testifying expert Keith Leffler produced liability and damages reports, including a model of umbrella damages in a case involving alleged price fixing in the flat glass industry. We have enjoyed a fruitful relationship with client Mike Vaska of Foster Pepper, who represents one of the largest windows and doors manufacturers in the US. The case is slated to go to trial this spring.
  1. Polyurethane Foam. RedPeak and Keith Leffler produced liability and damages reports in this price fixing case involving the largest polyurethane foam manufacturers in the US. RedPeak analyzed large transactional databases from six of the Defendants and created a complex damages model that computed damages for each of the seven direct action Plaintiffs, some of the largest bedding and furniture manufacturers in America. RedPeak worked alongside a senior attorney at one of the most prominent opt-out law firms in the country. The parties settled on the eve of trial.
  1. Dairy Farmers of America (DFA Milk). Keith Leffler and Cristian were retained as joint testifying experts in a class certification case involving an alleged conspiracy to limit the supply of milk in Missouri. Keith and Cristian submitted class certification and merits reports and were both deposed twice. The class was certified and the parties settled. RedPeak had the pleasure to work with attorneys Ike Diel of Sharp McQueen, Tom Brill, and John Edgar of the Edgar Law Firm.

And along with age comes growth. The RedPeak team has continued to expand:

  • Andrew King joined full time as Managing Consultant and has delivered tremendous analytical depth and excellent managerial experience. He has over 6 years in antitrust consulting experience and two years of experience working in public policy. He is also taking RedPeak into new areas such as advanced web-based data visualization techniques. These have already proven essential in live litigation contexts.
  • RedPeak has formed stable consulting relationships with Professors Frank Wolak at Stanford and Ali Hortacsu at University of Chicago. Frank and Ali have provided essential modeling advice to RedPeak on a number of cases. These partnerships have provided RedPeak with access to some of the best economics and econometrics minds anywhere.
  • Trevor Owens (BA/MA UC Berkeley) and Charles Hodgson (Stanford PhD candidate) joined RedPeak this year and were on the Intel CA team.
  • RedPeak has continued to increase the pool of its on-demand analysts. We have on tap the following talented researchers who have worked on cases with us already: Robert Ainsworth, Columbia Econ PhD Candidate; Monica Bhole and Isaac Opper, both Stanford Econ PhD Candidates.

And 2016 is shaping up to be another exciting year:

  • The culmination of more than three years of work begins in March with the trial in Flat Glass.
  • We look forward to another DFA Milk state case and work on a mushrooms price fixing matter.
  • RedPeak is actively searching for another full time junior analyst to add depth to the full-time staff.
  • And, last but not least, we are scoping out new office space to give us improved admin resources and better conference room space for internal and client meetings.
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